Is it possible to have knockout questions for instance if a candidate answers yes/no to a custom question e.g. how many years rocket science experience do you posess? and if they answered less than say 3 years they will be automatically rejected.

Whilst you can add custom questions, they still allow candidates to proceed, for instance we asked candidates to confirm if they were aged 18 years or older, and a candidate answered no but yet still could proceed with their application, which is a waste of time for all involved.


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    Jesse Papocchia Official comment

    Hi Jason, the ability to route candidates based on their responses to specific questions will be coming in a future enhancement. 

    In the meantime you can currently save a filter in the Candidate Manager to quickly identify a group of candidates who respond to your questions in a specific manner. You can then bulk decline these candidates fairly quickly. Please contact support@jobscore.com if you need any help in setting this up.

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