Can you please add an additional code to the EEO gender codes: Non-binary?

I know it isn't an official EEO code but in 2018 it is the right thing to do. We need to give an option for all people to identify. 



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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Allison,

    While agree with you ... this information is voluntary - and collected strictly for the compliance needs (EEO and OFCCP).  The values we have inserted ensure compliance and we're afraid that adding non-approved values would make employers be out-of-compliance, which in some cases could result in very hefty fines.

    It seems to us that, unfortunately this is likely something that needs to be legislated with the US government first - and then we can update how things work.  If there is a petition or group to support, we'd be happy to do that... or, if the law changes, please do let us know!


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