Do you have the ability to send assessment test thru jobscore. What integrations do you have coming in 2018? 


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    Kendra Stiger

    Video interview? 


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Kendra,

    If you want to send an assessment to a candidate there are a few options:

    1. You can simply include the question in an email template.  The idea being you email they question and they type up the response.  If you turn on two way email synchronization, this will be automatically captured on the candidate's record.

    2. If you use a 3rd party assessment tool, get the static link for the assessment and include it in the email template - basically asking the candidate to click on the link.  The candidate's answers won't be automatically recorded in JobScore, but you can forward them in to the note inbox if you like.  For more detail on doing this, please talk to your account manager.  This approach should work with video interviewing providers as well.

    We are aware that there's room for improvement in terms of integrating assessment technology into JobScore.  It's not currently on the roadmap for this quarter or next, but it might bubble up in the 2nd half of 2018.  If you have preferred assessment providers or any other information about what you'd like to see jobscore do, please add it here.

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    Barb Nuxoll

    Hi! We are looking into an assessment platform and would prefer this integrates with our ATS in one seemless application process. Are there any updates on this? we are looking at Outmatch. Thanks !

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