This suggestion came from one of our execs:
I want people to be able to not only share personal posts/emails, as is now, but also schedule posts going forward like I can with Buffer/Hootsuite. I want to be able to choose which or all open positions and choose which times and which social channels I want to publish on. And what text I want to use, so I can still make it personal.

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Hagit,

    1. We do support scheduled emails

    2. At this point we quite deliberately don't support programatic (or scheduled) social sharing.  Our experience and research were that such posts are deemed "not authentic" and they negatively impact personal and employment brands.  That said, if this is the right strategy for your business there are paid tools out there that will ingest the jobs from your JobScore account and allow you to do this.  A few of our customers use the "social recruiting" solution from careerarc to do this right now.

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