Additional columns in the Candidates Manager listing could be added to help in the ranking and jig the memory. 

1. a free text column for a summary that describes the individual main traits 

2. a numerical column for expected cost/salary

3. a column (or more ) to paste images (such as selected images from a designer portfolio)

4.add a user customizable column   (the user decides if it is text or numerical or otherwise).

5. a placeholder for the photo of the applicants  





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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Abdulsattar,

    Thanks for the many suggestions.  In general the real estate on the candidate manager is already pretty full-up.  Here are line by line responses:

    1. Free text column:

    If you want to ask candidates to enter free text about themselves (a summary) you can add that as a custom candidate question and include this as a column in the candidate manager > by answer page

    2. Numerical column for expected cost / salary

    Same fix, we have a built in "desired compensation" candidate question, and you can include this question in a view on the candidate manager > by answer

    3. Column (or more) to paste images

    This would be hard to squeeze in - we do have the ability to request (or require) a portfolio link in your job application, and that link is shown when you expand a row to view each candidate's profile - not exactly the same.  We also allow you to have file upload question types (in the application) - so you could ask for that and (again) review on the candidate manager > by answer page

    4. User customization column

    Same idea - you can create as many candidate questions as you like (and we have different question types) and see them on the candidate manager > by answer page.  If you want to add custom content of your own, that's what notes are for - and we haven't tried to show notes on this page deliberately - they have their own page and you can preview them from the candidate action page

    5. Placeholder for photos

    We deliberately don't support job seeker / candidate photos in JobScore.  It unquestionably creates hiring bias and opens up your organization to liabiblity in many nations around the world.

    Thanks again for the suggestions and I hope some of the answers above can help you get what you are looking for out of JobScore.  The candidate manager > by answer page I referred to several times is here >>

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    Abdulsattar Al Murshidi


    Many thanks for your kind and elaborate reply. The issue is that placing information across different tabs does not help in ranking and sorting. I would have much preferred everything on one tab and then you sort by the relevant header , where possible. Yes that will mean horizontal scrolling but thats OK. I also don't understand why other columns such as job and source are required. I am trying to find a candidate for a certain job and I don't belive the source is of value in that context. 


    Overall , although new to JobScore , I really enjoy using it and find it to be much neater and logical than most competitors. 




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    Dan Arkind

    Thanks for the kind words - if you are trying to find a candidate, however, we recommend using the search function!

    Job and source are displayed because JobScore is designed for companies to find and hire people for specific roles and source because it's one of the most important variables in evaluating a candidate (especially if they are a referral!)

    Thanks again & happy hiring.


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