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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Dan,

    This suggestion has come up a few times and there is a workaround depending on your needs.  You can add a custom job field called priority and enter this information for each job.

    However, once you do this there's no way (currently) to sort by this custom job field in the JobScore user experience.  That said, all job fields are included in the download from the job manager, so if you build the list and export it, it's right there in the excel document and you can easily sort.

    This has worked for people who need to intermittently report on how things are going with jobs, but isn't a good solution for day-to-day work prioritization in the app.


    If this doesn't work, please let us know specifically where you'd like this control to be exposed in JobScore and how you'd like to use it (instead of "I want it everywhere!)

    When we talked to customers about this a few years ago, most organizations didn't have tiered "priority" requisitions.  They worked with management to only OPEN jobs that were a priority and left those that weren't a priority closed or on hold, opening them up when more recruiting bandwidth became available.

    We know this isn't true for every business and would love your input on how you'd like this to work to spark some discussion here!

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