Whenever I am reaching out to a large batch of applicants to schedule interviews, I inevitably end up having to leave a few voicemails. Is there a way that I could set up an option that would let me leave an auto filling template note such as "Attempted to contact on (DATE & TIME), left voicemail" ?. If this could option could be picked from a drop down menu under the notes icon on the candidate overview section my team would be able to keep track of who we have attempted to contact much easier due to the easy nature of creating note templates that could auto fill with the current date and time.




Tate Murdock


Spudnik Equipment Company LLC


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    Dan Shelkrot

    Good idea!

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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Tate,

    This can be easily accomplished using an autosend note.  How to do this:

    1. Add a note template with the text "Attempted to contact & left voicemail" - name the template whatever you like, I'd suggest something like "LVM" or "Left Voicemail"  Make sure to configure the template for auto-sending.

    2. Use our snazzy new workflow stuff to assign this template to all workflow stages where you do this, which I assume are primarily scheduling stages.

    3. Now, in the workflow menu you'll see this "autosend" note template option.  If you click it, it'll log a note with a time / datestamp with one click.


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