User System Issue Alerts and Updated Accurate Jobscore Health Status information


When there is an issue in Jobscore that affects the recruiting process in anyway it would helpful to be alerted to the problem. It came my attention this morning that I was missing email chains and documents in Jobscore that were sent by a candidate that I needed to use/print today for their F2F. I receive a lot of emails in a day and while I try to get through them all, that isn't always possible. This is why I use Jobscore to manage my candidate pipeline and that includes the communication of emails to determine next steps. When I email a request for available phone times, and the candidate emails me back I use Jobscores "refine filter" to work through my pipeline. From there I will look at their emails tab to see if they responded, and use their response to schedule next steps in the tasks tab. 

It was only after I contacted customer service was I informed that there was an issue and that it was being fixed. It was with that knowledge I then realized that I had candidates respond with available times, but because their emails had not been synced into Jobscore, I missed them and their requested availability.


It be helpful to have users alerted when an issue like this has been identified. This will allow us to react and counter the issue accordingly until the fix has been made. 


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    Dan Arkind

    Hi Thomas,

    First off, it's great to hear that our email sync has become a core part of your workflow.  Second, I'm terribly sorry for the trouble this caused you, as a former recruiter I understand exactly how bad it is to miss information.

    Your suggestion is a good one.  The idea we floated around here is that if we have instability again in the email sync service we'll show what's called a "flash message" (basically a red or yellow bar at the top of the screen) as soon as we find out it's happening and we'll leave it there until it's fixed.

    Alternatively, we could publish this information on but I assume you aren't going there to check what's up often (or maybe ever).  Please let us know if this is what you had in mind.

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    Thomas Cirnigliaro

    Hi Dan,


    You are correct in that I don't go to the status page for updates, but it would appear that it wouldn't have mattered because it wasn't listed on there. Even now, your system health page report shows everything as fully operational. 

    My suggestion would be the same as the one listed in your comment. If there is an issue that could disrupt the recruiting process in anyway, a banner alert would suffice. I believe you recently did something similar when you were alerting users of a planned system outage. I would think it makes sense to also accurately update the health page at the same time. Perhaps, the banner alert is hyperlinked to the health page which will provide additional details on the issue.



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    Dan Arkind

    Great, I'll leave this idea open as "planned" until this gets implemented.  Thanks again for writing in about this - fixing it will definitely make JobScore better.

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