I often search for resumes I have put on hold, and each time I do this, I have to go through each page one by one instead of going directly to a specific page number.  For example, I'm currently at page 10 of my applications, and each time I go to the page I left off on, I have to scroll through each page to get where I'm going.  How can I get to a specific page right away without having to scroll through all pages?  The way I'm set up, at least, I can only move to page 3 or to 200 and something.  Now, I have to go to page 3, then wait for page 4 to upload, then move page 5 and wait to upload, etc. etc.

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    Jesse Papocchia Official comment

    Hi Monica, can I ask why you're working with such a large pool? If you adjust the filter on the Candidate Manager page you can get a much more manageable list. Perhaps all candidates in a specific status. If you are working candidates through your pipeline you shouldn't be experience this pain. Additionally the search function will always allow you to narrow down your results if looking for something more specific.

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