This will allow recruiters/users to view through candidate profiles altogether for one job requisition and review resume in full detail to decide which ones to mass dispose or move onto the next round. It will help to make it more efficient instead of having to go through each resume individually.

Please let me know if you need further clarification on this.

Thank you!


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    Jesse Papocchia Official comment

    Hi Elizabeth, could you clarify what you mean? Are you wanting to open multiple resumes in the same view as candidates are displayed similar to how they are in the Candidate Manager page?

    Resumes will currently load on the candidate record for review and you can cycle through a list of candidates using the Next/Previous controls in the upper right to move between candidates. 

    If you'd rather pop resumes out into a separate window you can enable this legacy view from your My Settings page. Simply hover over your initials in the upper right and select My Settings. Once your user page loads click EDIT on the Account and Contact section. You'll then see the User Preferences section on the left where you can toggle this feature on or off.

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    Elizabeth Chung

    Hi Jesse, what I was requesting is a feature for a pop-up resume in the same window where similar to how  you can press the down arrow for a quick snapshot of the candidate's work history, to be able to see their entire resume that way so that you don't have to leave the page or tab and can go through all the resumes.

    Let me know if that helps.

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    Jesse Papocchia

    Thank you for confirming. We do currently display the employment history and education listed from a resume in this view. There's not much real estate to display the full resume in this view. I'll share your feedback with our product team.

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