As the director of my department, I would like to be able to look at candidates for each recruiter. This is not currently a filter option. I would like to see how many they are processing, what stages, and number of apps coming in each day. 


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    Brooke Sims

    Or if I could go to All Candidates and then filter by "Company" that would help me narrow down to what I need to see. 

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    Dan Arkind

    Hey Brooke, Dan Arkind, head of product here.  A few off the cuff ideas:

    To see how many total candidates they are processing at what stages I recommend you review the pipeline report, which includes a "by user" - just select the specific recruiter (pipeline report)

    To see their activity level (Throughput in a specific time period) I recommend you review the activity report, which includes a "by user" filter - just select the specific recruiter (activity report)

    To see how many candidates are coming in per day for a specific recruiter (I think that's the total number of new candidates for the jobs the recruiter is assigned to) - well that's the first time anyone's ever asked for that!  You can normally set a date range on the source quality report and look at the line chart included at the top of the page, but there's not an easy way to filter the report by user - that would be an enhancement... but you can easily get a view of your entire department. Another way to build the list would be to go to the candidate manager > by job, select all of the jobs you want using the job list builder and set the date range and then sort by the "received" column... also lots of clicking and less than awesome...

    If those answers are less than satisfying... thanks for your input, we do evaluate adding additional reports and filters from time-to-time, but you might be a good candidate to use our business intelligence connector, where you can get at all of your data and build any report you like using a commercial reporting tool like Tableau.

    All that said, however, if you are trying to measure recruiter's progress on your job(s) I recommend that you focus on using the pipeline report filtered by user (which shows total and current numbers - both of which are clickable) and the activity report (which shows total stage exits and is an accurate reflection of how much work got done in a given time period).

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