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    Jesse Papocchia Official comment

    Hi Avielle,

    This is currently supported on the Candidate Manager page. You'll notice there are checkboxes to the left of the Candidate header as well as to the left of each candidate record. You can either select candidate records individually or select all on the page by checking the box to the left of the Candidate header.

    Your email will need to be linked to a specific stage in your Workflow. After you select the appropriate candidate records you can select the Change Stage button that will appear above the candidate list. Find the stage you associated your email template with and once you select it you'll be able to bulk send the email. 

    Please note the Enable Auto-Send option will need to be enabled on the email template in order to be used in this way. If you have any other questions or need assistance with this please contact support@jobscore.com.

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    Jesse Papocchia

    Hi Avielle, 

    This is now supported without the need to link an email to a specific workflow stage. Please review our product update announcement here to learn more.

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