Can I import multiple resumes into JobScore at the same time?

Yes! Adding multiple resumes to JobScore is fast and easy. There are two ways to do this:

Use the bulk import resumes page

JobScore makes it easy to load up to 10MB of resume files at once from the Bulk import resumes page.  This page can be easily accessed by visiting the add candidate page and selecting the bulk import option:

Add Candidate page

From the bulk import resumes page you'll be asked to load up a compressed (zipped) folder of resume files and then you can choose what job to assign them to, any tags you want to add as well as the source you'd like to assign to all of the loaded candidates:

Bulk Import Resumes page

Once you submit the form, JobScore will try to create a candidate card for each file.  Once it's done, you'll be sent an email giving you a report of what happened.  Links will be included for newly created candidates and any files that failed will also be called out for you to try again:

Bulk Import Email


Pro tip:  If you want to load resumes for different jobs or from different sources, put them in different folders, then compress them separately and use the bulk import resumes page multiple times to get every resume imported the way you want.

Bulk email resumes to JobScore

If you email a resume to, it will automatically be added to JobScore.  The "resume inbox" has many powerful email commands, including the ability to email in up to 10 resumes at a time using the /bulk email command, assign resumes to jobs using the /assign command, and add tags using the /tag command.  

When you email a resume to JobScore you'll receive an email back letting you know if the resume was successfully added or if there were any problems.  The email inbox feature is only available on the JobScore SCALE and ENTERPRISE plans.

If you are having trouble bulk loading resumes, please email anytime.