Can I import multiple resumes into JobScore at the same time?

Adding resumes to JobScore is simple and fast. And if you have Email Tracking feature, it's even easier to add resumes by email. But if you're new to JobScore and don't want to add hundreds of resumes one by one, we'll bulk load your resumes for you at no additional cost. Please follow these steps for us to do a bulk resume import:

  1. Create a new folder on your computer named "JobScore Resumes".
  2. Drag all of the resumes you want added to your account into the folder. Please make sure that you only include resume documents and not job descriptions, candidate screening notes, spreadsheets with lists of candidates or anything else. Anything that's not a resume will create "garbage" in your account that we know you don't want and that can't be erased.
  3. If you want to have your resumes assigned to specific jobs in your account, please create separate sub-folders for each job title and drag resumes into the appropriate folder.
  4. Zip up the folder(s). If you don't already have it, get your free winzip here.
  5. Create a ticket with the subject "Resumes for JobScore" and attach your zipped "JobScore Resumes" folder! Note: Attachments can be no larger than 20MB, log multiple tickets if necessary.

Your resumes will show up in your account within five business days after you submit them, usually sooner.

If you are having trouble preparing your resumes, please contact us anytime.


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