Who can see my notes? Can I make them private?

All users (except "Limited" users) can make notes private

Users with the "Owner", "Admin", "Extended" and "Standard" access levels can make notes private. "Limited" users can't.

The type of user you are determines which notes you can see

Users with administrative privileges can view and edit all notes that are not marked private. Hiring managers and Recruiters are typically Admins.

So, for instance, if Buster Wegley is a JobScore Admin, he'd be able to read his own notes as well as those created by others. Here's what a list of notes would look like for Buster:


JobScore Users (who don't have Administrative privileges) can always view and edit notes they create themselves. Additionally, they can view public notes for candidates associated with jobs in which they have "All Public Notes" in their "notes visibility" control (read more about this in this article). Interviewers typically only have User-level access. Here's what the same list of notes would look like for Buster if he was a JobScore User with "View Notes" option set to "Only My Notes" instead of an Admin:


Private notes are only visible by you and the people you explicitly share them with

When a note is marked as private, by default, only the person who created the note can see it and edit it.

Notes are usually only marked as private to protect sensitive information, like someone's current or desired compensation.

Private notes are hidden by default, even if you created a private note yourself you'll need to click on it to view it (in case you are looking at JobScore with someone standing behind you and you don't want them to see the private info). Here's how private notes appear:


... and here's what they look like when you click to view them:


You can share private notes with your co-workers:

When you mark a note as private a "share with" box appears beneath it. If you don't add anyone to the list only you can see a private note. If you'd like others to see it, just add them to the list.


Click in the share with box and start typing, usernames will just appear. If the co-worker you want to share the note with is not included in the list, please click add new user to the right of the box to add them to your JobScore account.

Sharing private notes is a great way for recruiters to share sensitive information like compensation requirements and screening notes with hiring managers but not have anyone else be able to see this data.

When candidates are marked as hired in JobScore, you are given the option to lock all the notes on that candidate so the new employee won't be able to read the notes written about them during the interview process. In this scenario, only the author of the note will be able to view it.

Here's how notes will appear after someone is hired: