How do I rate a candidate?

When you add a note to a candidate using a note template, you may also be asked to rate a candidate on specific skills or attributes.

Your recruiting team will typically ask you to enter ratings about candidates in order to make it easy to compare different candidates to each other and facilitate the hiring process.

Each rating has a name like "Persuasiveness," as well as a short description like "Do you think this person could sell ice to an eskimo?" Hover your mouse over the rating name to see the short description.

If you are unclear on the meaning of a specific rating, please ask your team members what they mean before entering your choices.

Now that you know what you need to rate the candidate on, you'll need to enter your ratings. Your company can choose whether you rate candidates using icons or numbers.

Icon Ratings:

Icon ratings are common and you must choose from 4 ratings:

"Definitely No" means we should not move forward with this candidate
"No" means I don't think they will be good but I won't block the hire
"Yes" means I think this person is good, we should move forward
"Absolutely" means I think this person is fantastic and we should move forward with them

When you are asked to rate candidates using icons it looks like this:

Numeric Ratings:

Numeric ratings are more precise than icon ratings. You also use a 4-point scale (similar to icons), but you can enter any number between 1.0 ("Definitely No") and 4.0 ("Absolutely").

It's important to note that you cannot enter a rating of 2.5 (the exact middle point between 1.0 and 4.0) -- you'll need to put the candidate in either the top half or the bottom half.

When you are asked to rate candidates using numbers, it looks like this:

Independent of which type of ratings you use, they are rolled up into a series of reports. To learn more about ratings and how your company can best use them, click here to view a tutorial.