Tutorial: How to manage search firms

Important: This article explains how JobScore employers can set up the system to work with external search firms. If you are an agency recruiter trying to submit candidates to a client, instructions are here.

What is the Search Firm Inbox?

When you need help sourcing candidates for hard to fill jobs search firms, also known as external or "third party" recruiting agencies, can help you do that. 

JobScore includes the ability to assign external recruiters to jobs and have them submit candidates directly using a feature called the Search Firm Inbox.

The Search Firm Inbox feature allows you to add Search Firms to your JobScore account, giving them permission to submit candidates through JobScore. This will allow you to track a candidate's stage and communicate with the Search Firms about the candidates they have submitted.

It is important to keep track of the Search Firms and what jobs / candidates they are assigned to, so you can give the Search Firm credit when you hired one of their candidates. 

Learn more about the Search Firm Inbox and How it Works

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How to use the Search Firm Inbox

1. Add the Search Firm(s) to the JobScore. 

Use the "gear" icon to navigate to the "Search Firms" page. From there, click "Add Search Firm".


Fill out the form to and click "add" to successfully add the Search Firm + Recruiter. 


2. Assign the Search Firm to the specific job you want them to submit candidates to.

Once you've added a Search Firm to the system, you will be asked to assign the Search Firm / Recruiter to a specific job. Click "Add Job Assignment" and finish filling out the form. Click "Update" when done.


Don't see the specific recruiter listed for a particular Search Firm? You can add them on this page as well. Only Recruiters added to a job / candidate will be able to submit candidates. 

3. Send the Search Firm an email.

After you've added the Search Firm to a job, you'll be taken to the Search Firm's profile. From here, you can request candidates from the Search Firm / Recruiter. Click "Request Candidates" on the right hand side to send the Recruiter an email that includes instructions on how to submit candidates. 


You will be directed to an email template with those instructions.


The recruiters from the Search Firm just need to reply to this email to submit candidates. When a recruiter replies to the email, JobScore automatically parses the information and submits the candidate to your account and you will be notified.

4. Congratulation, you're done! Here is where you can see a list of candidates submitted by the Search Firm / Recruiter. All you have to do now is track the performance of Search Firms / Recruiters through the source quality reports

In the case that the Search Firm / Recruiter sends you a candidate's resume directly instead of going through the Search Firm Inbox, you can learn how to add the candidate's resume here

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