Introduction to Search Firms

JobScore tracks both agencies and recruiters

  • Search Firms are third-party recruiting agencies that you pay to help you find the perfect candidate.
  • Search Firm Recruiters are specific people who work for an agency that you hired.  Not all recruiters are created equal and sometimes you have multiple recruiters from the same firm servicing different departments or locations of your company and you want to track their performance individually.

Admins can add, edit and remove search firms from this page >>

Search Firms are used two ways in JobScore

  1. Search Firms are a candidate source in JobScore. When you add a candidate you can say they came from a specific search firm & search firm recruiter.
  2. Search firm recruiters can add candidates directly into JobScore by email using the Search Firm Inbox.  The Search Firm Inbox allows you to precisely control which search firm can submit candidates for which job. The inbox helps minimize data entry, duplicate submissions and helps streamline communication. 

Search firms are available as a candidate source on all plans.  The Search Firm Inbox, which allows you to assign search firms to jobs and have them submit candidates directly by email is bundled with the JobScore Enterprise Plan.  Learn more >>

The easiest way to track search firm performance is on the source quality report >>

Want to learn how to get the most out of your agencies?  Read the search firm tutorial >>