What are confidential fields and how do they work?

JobScore allows you to make both job fields and candidate questions confidential.  When a field is marked "confidential," only specific users will be able to see those answers in the system.

If a user doesn't have the ability to see an answer, a lock icon will be shown instead of the answer:  


Two attributes control who can see confidential fields.


To request access to a field you do not have permission to view: hover over the lock-icon, and you'll be shown a prompt to request access.

Access Levels

JobScore has a 5 different User Access Levels that control who has access to certain information and features in the system.  Here's how confidential fields work for each User Access Level:

  • OWNER & ADMIN can see all confidential information in the system at all times.
  • EXTENDED & STANDARD can't see confidential information by default, but can be granted access on a per-job basis (see below)
  • LIMITED can never see confidential information

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Per-job Confidential Access

Sometimes you need to grant access to confidential information to team members who don't have OWNER or ADMIN access in JobScore.  The best example is if you have a hiring manager on the STANDARD access level and you want them to be able to see the compensation/desired-salary information for their job.  This is exactly what per-job confidential access is for.

*Note* The user must be a member of the hiring team in order to view confidential information once granted access.

When you grant per-job confidential access to a user with the STANDARD or EXTENDED access level, they will be able to edit the private job field information and view the confidential answers for all candidates assigned to the job.


Confidential access can be granted to users in the view job details area of each job.

You can also manage the list of jobs a user has access to by editing their record: