How to edit Microsoft Integration Account settings

If you need them, instructions on how to install Microsoft integrations are here >>

After you install the Microsoft account app, you can edit your global account settings by visiting any of the Microsoft 365 SSO, Microsoft Outlook Email, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, or Microsoft Teams integration pages in JobScore and clicking the edit button.


From the Edit Microsoft Account settings page you can control whether:

  1. Users can login using personal passwords
  2. Users can send emails using their work email by default (can be overridden by users)
  3. Users can synchronize their candidate emails (if allowed this can be urned on and off by individual users)
  4. To use a shared recruiting calendar
  5. Calendar event invitations are automatically accepted or not.
  6. Users can include Microsoft Teams links in calendar events

microsoft-account_app-edit_account_settings_page copy.png

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