How to add the "Apply with LinkedIn" button to a job application form

The "Apply with LinkedIn" integration inserts a button on your job application form that will import information from a job seeker's LinkedIn profile.

When activated, a button will appear at the top of your job application form.  When a job seeker clicks on it their name, employment & education history, phone number, email and more will be imported. Here's how it works:

Linkedin Integration Voiceover

Apply starters

Employers who pay for LinkedIn Recruiter get an additional benefit: if a candidate clicks on the Apply with LinkedIn button but doesn't complete their JobScore application, LinkedIn will record this and make this information discoverable in LinkedIn Recruiter.  LinkedIn calls this feature "apply starters."  Learn more about Apply Starters here.

How to activate the integration

Integration Requirements

  • You must have a LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate contract. Recruiter Lite is not supported.
  • Your JobScore account must be on the SCALE or Enterprise plan. (see which plan you are on here).
  • You must have the Admin or Owner access level in your JobScore account

Visit the integrations page in your JobScore account and click the ACTIVATE link in the Job Application Form area:


If you are not already logged into Recruiter you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn credentials.  If you have seats on multiple Recruiter contracts you will be prompted to select which contract to connect.

On the Apply with Linkedin Row, click the "Request" button:


After you click it the "Request" button will be replaced with "Enabled".

The Apply with LinkedIn button will not appear immediately as we first need to synchronize all of the jobs in your JobScore account with LinkedIn.  This can take up to 15 minutes to complete and we'll send you an email once everything is done.

When you activate the integration JobScore will bulk-update the job application form for every job and job template in your account to include the Apply with LinkedIn option.  The "Register, Login & De-duplicate" option will also be deactivated for all jobs and job templates.  This is because LinkedIn won't permit the use of the Apply with LinkedIn button in conjunction with this JobScore feature.

You are welcome to activate and deactivate the Apply with LinkedIn button  on a job-by-job basis.  To turn the button on or off, simply edit the setting on the job application form:



You're done.  Once your job sync is complete the Apply with LinkedIn button will show up in the job application form for all of your current and future jobs.


Activating the Apply with Linkedin integration does not activate the Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration.  RSC installation instructions are here >>