How to connect your LinkedIn Recruiter seat to JobScore

To connect your LinkedIn Recruiter seat you'll first need to activate the JobScore ← → LinkedIn Recruiter integration. Activation instructions are here >> 

It's easy to see if the integration is already active in your account because all candidate records will have a LinkedIn tab that looks like this:


Users connected to a LinkedIn Recruiter seat get these additional features:

  • View LinkedIn Recruiter notes in JobScore
  • View LinkedIn Recruiter InMails in JobScore
  • More buttons on LinkedIn profiles shown in JobScore

To connect a seat, visit the users page in JobScore to see a complete list of all users in your account.  If a user is connected to a LinkedIn Recruiter seat, you'll see a LinkedIn icon next to their name, like this:


Click on the name of a user that does not have a LinkedIn icon next to their name.  Click on the "EDIT" link in the account and contact area at the top of the user's page:


This will take you to the edit user page where you'll see a attribute called "LinkedIn Recruiter seat:" 


Select the seat you want to connect to the user and click update at the bottom of the page. 

If you don't see a seat listed it may already be assigned to another user in JobScore.  Seats may only be connected to one user at a time.  If you need more seats, please contact LinkedIn directly.