Login to JobScore with SSO

We want to make it easy for all of your team members to access JobScore.  If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), please click on the correct tool to get connected. Once you provide us with the information we need, we will coordinate a cut-over date. 

Setup SSO using SAML 2.0

Setup SSO using Microsoft Azure

Setup SSO using Okta

Setup SSO using Google Workspace

Prepare for Single Sign-On cut over

Here's how things will work after we cut over to your Identity Provider:

  1. All existing users in your JobScore account will preserve their existing access level, but they will no longer be able to log in using their password, they will only be able to login through your identity provider.
  2. Users can be provisioned normally through the JobScore interface.  However, users ability to log in will be governed by your Identity Provider, meaning they may not be able to login when you add them.
  3. If a user has been granted access to JobScore through your Identity Provider but has not yet been added to the JobScore system they will be auto-provisioned on their first successful login (Just in Time provisioning).
  4. Auto-provisioned users are granted the lowest access level in JobScore (Limited). The user will be prompted to ask a colleague with JobScore administrative privileges to increase their access level if they are a hiring manager or recruitment / HR professional.


  • We strongly recommend setting it up so that everyone in your company is able to access JobScore.  The limited access level is specifically designed for everyone in your company to only be able to view open jobs, refer friends and conduct interviews - things everyone in your company may need to do.
  • If you choose to restrict access to specific users, we recommend you ask your IT department (who controls your Identity Provider) to grant access to everyone who needs to access JobScore prior to the cut-over date to ensure a smooth transition. Please don't hesitate to contact support@jobscore.com if this prompts questions.
  • If you choose to restrict access, we recommend granting JobScore access and selecting an access level become a required part of your new employee onboarding process.