Pricing FAQs

What does JobScore charge for?

It's possible to use JobScore for free, but there are three things we charge for:

  • Subscription: If you'd like more features or control over resume sharing settings, you'll want to sign up for one of our JobScore Paid Plans for which we charge a monthly fee.
  • Credits: If you want to contact more recommended candidates than you share, you'll have to buy credits. Credit prices are listed here.
  • Job Postings: We make it easy for you to purchase job postings for most major job boards (i.e. LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, craigslist) through JobScore. You are only charged when you choose to post to a paid job board. Job posting prices are listed here.

There are no additional or hidden signup, termination or support fees: what's shown is the entire price. If you want to use the service, just sign up and get started. Still have questions? Check out the online JobScore demo or just email questions to

How much does it cost for each user?

We don't charge per user.

No matter what plan you choose, you can add an unlimited number of users to your account for no additional cost. We think this is an important difference from other recruiting software vendors and can be transformational.

How do I pay for JobScore?

We only accept payment by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

If I sign up for a subscription plan, when do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card at the end of your signup trial, and on that date every year thereafter (or on the same day of month the following month if you've chosen a monthly payment plan). So, if you signed up and your trial ends on January 15th, we'll charge you for your first payment on January 15.

Also, if you switch from the Free plan to a START, SCALE, or Enterprise Plan, we will charge your card immediately.

If I switch plans midway through my billing period, how will I get charged?

You can subscribe to JobScore on a monthly or yearly basis, paying for the upcoming period. Subscription payments are not refundable, but if you upgrade your plan (e.g. move from START to SCALE, or move from monthly to annual billing) we will credit you for the unused portion of your current billing period.

When you upgrade, we charge you at time of upgrade, for the full next month or year. For an example, if you've paid for a month of START at $149 on April 1, then upgrade to SCALE on April 16 with a price of $449/mo, you will be charged $374.50: that's $449.00 for the next month, less $74.50 (15d credit on the $149 previously paid). You would next be charged $449 on May 16.

Do you charge to host my careers site?

No, there is no extra fee to host your JobScore careers site, it is a standard part of all JobScore plans.

Here are some instructions on how to customize and hook up your JobScore careers site on your own.

Do you charge to run referral e-mail campaigns?

No! With all plans, feel free to send as many referral request e-mails as you like for your open jobs.

Why do you need my billing information if I'm on the JobScore Free Plan?

As a JobScore Free customer, the easiest way to drive applicants to your jobs is by posting on major job boards. We use your billing information when you choose to publish jobs to paid job boards like Craigslist or Monster. This is primarily a convenience for you, so you don't have to manually re-enter your billing information for each job board you want to post to. We also use your credit card information if you choose to purchase credits. If you are on the JobScore Free Plan, we will only charge your credit card when you choose to buy something, there are no monthly recurring charges.