How to schedule interviews with video conferencing

Conferencing is available on the JobScore SCALE and ENTERPRISE plans.

Video conferencing platforms are quickly becoming the preferred way to conduct remote interviews. JobSore works with all conferencing platforms.  Here's a quick video overview of how things work for Zoom:

Start by scheduling an interview

Click to add a task for a candidate.  Here's how you do that from the candidate manager


Choose your conference platform

Find the conference field choose your conferencing platform.  If you install our Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom integration, JobScore creates a conference link for you:


If you use another platform like Webex Gotomeeting, BlueJeans, or Uberconference, select the custom conference link option, visit your conferencing program to create a meeting, and paste the link into the field like so:


JobScore inserts the conference link into scheduled interviews

JobScore will insert the link into Google calendar and Microsoft Calendar events it publishes, so your team sees exactly where to go: 



JobScore inserts the conference link into candidate emails

JobScore will also insert the link into the email sent to the candidate as well as the attached meeting invite, making it super-easy to add the interview to their calendar and join when it's time: 


That's it!  JobScore creates conference links, inserts them into calendar events, and inserts them into candidate confirmation emails - no more cutting and pasting!

Task templates can auto-generate conference links

Always use the same conferencing program for specific interview steps?  Select one in your task templates to click less and do more:



To make interview scheduling almost effortless assign interviewers, interview templates, and task templates to your candidate workflow:


Sound good?  Don't hesitate to contact for a hand setting up a few workflow templates.

How to use conferencing

  1. Start by installing either our Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 calendar integration so you can schedule interviews using JobScore.
  2. If you use Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams to conduct candidate interviews, follow the conferencing installation instructions.

 That's it.  Learn more about Zoom interview recording here >>