Gathering Information to Get Started with JobScore

We know you can’t wait to get into JobScore and start using it to make your hiring process way more awesome, but before you take off like a thing from a whatsit, you’ve got to do a little bit of data entry. Follow the steps that follow to get this sucker done — and then you’re ready to charge ahead! Yeah!

We recommend that you get all of the information listed below in one place so that you can set up your account quickly and smoothly, and get on to the fun part of screening candidates.

You’ll need these five bits of content to get started with JobScore

  1. Company Information 
  2. Job Information
  3. Hiring Team Members
  4. Job Boards
  5. Payment Information

Already have all of this info? You’re ready to get set up! Onward!

Step 1: Company Info

Find your company’s current standard “About Us,” Perks/Benefits, Office Images & Videos, Current Jobs/Careers Page, Referral Rewards Program.

  • What do your job postings have in common? Find the current “About Us” copy that describes your company.
  • Find out what perks or benefits to list on all job descriptions.
  • Enrich your posting with images or videos of your office environment.
  • Find out how jobs are posted on your company’s website. Is there a Jobs or Careers page? How is it managed?
  • Investigate your company’s referral rewards program, if there is one. What are the rewards offered? What are the criteria? Are they the same for all jobs? Does your company offer rewards to non-employees who refer candidates?

Step 2: Job Info

Determine all jobs that are currently open and gather the relevant job descriptions, as well as hiring teams and reward information. You might actually find the information you need in Step 1.

  • Contact your company’s hiring managers or check current job postings for a list of what jobs are open. Have a description for each.
  • Know who is involved in hiring for each of these roles. This often includes a hiring manager, recruiter, and interviewers.
  • Find out what kind of referral reward is offered for each open job. Is there an employee referral reward program? Do you pay or reward non-employees for referrals?

Pro Tip: Want to improve your job descriptions? Read our pointers on writing a great job description.

Step 3: Hiring Team

Map out users and their roles.

  • Once you know who is going to be involved in the hiring for each job (The Hiring Team), decide which kind of user each person will be.
    • Users
    • Admins
  • We recommend entering users into the system now, but waiting to invite them to use JobScore until after you’ve launched.
  • Read more about who should be a User and who should be an Admin here.

Step 4: Job Boards

Map out which job boards you are currently posting on.

  • Make a list of all of the boards where you are currently posting jobs.
  • Get the login credentials for these sites so that you can update the postings when you are ready to go live. When you connect these sources with JobScore, all your applications will flow seamlessly into one place.

Step 5: Payment

Select additional job boards you want to post to through JobScore. Determine budget and payment.

  • Are there other places you want to post jobs that you aren’t currently using?
  • Identify additional places to post and note the cost.
  • Determine how much you have to spend and which credit card you will use to post to the additional boards.
  • Know where to send the receipts once you have paid for the new boards.

Did you get everything you needed?

  1. Company information: standard “About Us” material, Perks/Benefits, Office Images & Videos, Current Jobs/Careers Page, Referral Rewards Program.
  2. Job information: Current Descriptions, hiring teams and rewards for all job openings.
  3. Job boards information: login credentials for boards you’re already posting on.
  4. Payment information.

Congratulations — you’re ready to roll!

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