What are the differences between the Microsoft User App and the Microsoft Account App?

When installed, the Microsoft User App enables integrations for individuals including:

The user app can be installed for personal identities (emails on the microsoft.com or hotmail.com domains), but only the email synchronization integration is supported.

The user app can be installed for multiple identities.

The Microsoft Account App can only be installed by a user with Global Admin access on your domain, typically an executive or someone in the IT department.

The account app enables integrations for all users on your domain who use JobScore. The account app powers a few more integrations than the user app including:

The account app and the user app can be installed at the same time, but when you install the account app for your domain it supersedes any user app installations, and new users won’t be prompted to install anything.

We strongly recommend you install the account app so Microsoft integrations will “just work” for all of your employees.

The user app was created for two reasons:

  • To allow companies to take advantage of valuable integrations without having to ask IT for help.
  • To allow users, particularly sourcers, contract recruiters, and consultants to connect and use multiple identities.

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