How do I get a job approved?

To use job approvals you must be on the ENTERPRISE plan and the approvals feature must be turned on by a user with the owner access level.

Job approvals control whether you can work on a job by restricting whether you can move it from the DRAFT job status to the OPEN or INTERNAL job status.

How to request approval for a job

Start by adding a job in the DRAFT status.  You can enter just the basic details like the job title, department and location and fill in more details later.  That's because JobScore makes it easy to collaborate with your coworkers on DRAFT jobs, having multiple people review and contribute to them.  When you are ready to roll, click the request approval button on the view job page:

request approval button on the view job page

If you skipped any job fields required for approval, JobScore will prompt you to add them before you start your approval request.   On the request job approval page you'll see:

  • Who needs to approve the job in the approval chain area
  • The information approvers will see in the job details area
  • A place to compose a message for all approvers to read

request job approval page

In your message, grease the skids by adding some information about why you are asking for headcount.  Once you request approval, JobScore marks the approval as "pending" and starts sending emails with your message to approvers and collecting responses.

job approval email

When an approver clicks to view approval details, they are taken to the approve job page where they are prompted to approve, reject or ask a question:

Approve job page

As many executives will only be logging into JobScore to participate in approval chains and will often access approval requests from their mobile device, we strongly advise that you ask your IT department to turn on single sign on for your account so they don't have to remember a password.

job approval from mobile

If anyone asks a questions or rejects your approval request, you'll also be notified -- so you can easily follow up or edit the job and try to get your request approved again.  Approvals in JobScore support an unlimited number of comments and re-requests to manage the back-and-forth that's often required to get a job approved.

If there are multiple steps in your approval chain, JobScore notifies the next person as each step is completed. As the requestor you will be notified every time an approver takes action.  When the final step in the approval chain is complete, you’ll receive an email letting you know you can OPEN the job:

email informing job is approved

Editing approved jobs

Once your job is approved some job attributes, including the job's compensation details, are locked.  These locked fields “trigger re-approval.”

To change a field that triggers re-approval you'll need to:

  1. Move the job back to the DRAFT status
  2. Make the edit
  3. Request approval again
  4. Once the job is re-approved, move it back into the OPEN status to continue working on it

Stuck?  Ask an account owner for help

Users with the owner access level in your account control which job fields require reapproval.  Learn more about job fields here.

Owners can also "override" approval chains, so if you need to make a quick job edit, consider asking a coworker with the owner access level to make the edit for you.