Automatically add Hiring Manager & Interviewers to Call & Interview Tasks Danielle Thornton 2 comments 0 votes Planned
"Date Last Contacted" at a Glance Kathy Nguyen 2 comments 0 votes Planned
Open position pars (multiple openings per job) Melissa Houghtalin 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Pop-Up Notice When Deleting Templates Jen Nguyen 0 comments 0 votes Planned
Adding Users - One Click Preferences Tien Nguyen 2 comments 0 votes Planned
Email Templates for Users (to send to my team) Valarie Williams 2 comments 2 votes Planned
Permit scoring and filtering of candidates based on their security clearance, make security clearance a required question. John Nguyen 3 comments 1 vote Planned